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Guanacaste Tree

Guanacaste Trees – Our Friends in Nature

The national tree of Costa Rica is the Guanacaste, or Elephant Ear Tree. It is an impossible-to-miss flowering tree that is most known for its immensity, and characterized by a spherical crown. The Elephant Ear Tree is abundant in Costa Rica. The Elephant Ear Tree became the national tree of Costa Rica on August 31, 1959.

The scientific name of the Guanacaste tree is “Enterolobium cyclocarpum”, and it belongs to the leguminous family. Its seed pods are shaped like ears, which is where its common name comes from. The crown of the tree is a dome of lively green whose width exceeds the overall height of the tree. The general height of the tree ranges between 82 feet to 164 feet, and the diameter of the trunk ranges between 6 feet to 7 feet. The bark of the tree is a reddish-brown wood.



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