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Guaria Morada

Guaria Moradas – Our Friends in Nature

The Guaria Morada (Cattleya skinnier) is the Costa Rica National Flower. Costa Rica has a National Treasure that is not an animal. It is a beautiful purple orchid, one of many different types of orchids that can be found throughout the country. Guaria Morada the national flower of Costa Rica and so named on June 15, 1939.

This national beauty blossoms during the months of January through March. It usually produces four to five flowers, each lasting only a limited time. Large, colorful, irregular shaped flowers adorn this beautiful plant accompanied by their captivating scent. This lovely flower receives nutrients from the air and rain reserved in the trunks of trees where they grow. Although this flower is not a parasite, it does rely on its host trees for subsistence.



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